This girl is not white Fu Mei let a man can not resist

Although the man’s mouth, always talking about the white Fu-Mei, but in the real choice of objects, but the white Fu Mei Wang and stop, this may not be beautiful, perhaps not very good family background, perhaps not too More and too systematic girls of higher education heart.
What kind of girls, to allow men to ignore the external conditions, paranoid to choose her?
1. understanding very sensible girl
A man is not necessarily beautiful tempting, but definitely will understand the woman is full of goodwill, this woman most know how to appreciate and praise your ability, even when a man encounters difficulties, understanding woman always To the greatest care and concern, and has been encouraging you as much as possible is to create a confident and successful man. With such a woman is the happiest, men do not have to do something to heart and heart. Therefore, whenever the cause of a successful man, want their side, there is a considerate gentle woman.
2. The idea is not simple material girl
Marriage is to find a man with their own to find a partner to live together, there is no need to think so much, very complicated, especially in the workplace, men have been infighting day, has long been physically and mentally exhausted, of course, want to go home with a simple thought A little people have dinner, and, with relatively simple thought of people living together, there is no realistic fantasy, there is no unattainable pursuit of life, nature can make people more likely to have a happy feeling, you can let the man back The family will be able to feel the warmth.
3. know the book up to the connotation of the girls
Women who know the book will make a man feel very comfortable, especially in public or important social activities, if there is a woman who knows Dali appears, will definitely take away all the men’s eye, after all, men also need vanity, Can get married to the woman got in the kitchen under the hall, and, it is best to be interpersonal and polite, chat a wide range of knowledge, there is no vulgar spoken, do not pretend to understand fake and shoddy. Therefore, such a woman can make men feel very happy, very comfortable.
4. Cheerful personality is very easy-going girls
Not a man of the character of the melancholy girl, very few men like the character extremely introverted girls, but rather that cheerful woman is easy to attract to the man’s eye, a man’s appreciation of the stroke. Men tired one day back home, always like to see his wife have a bright smile, always like his wife sitting with their chat with their own, even quarrel, the cheerful woman also will not bear grudges, no matter what big and small, More communication is always conducive to marital relations harmony.
5. respect for her husband to reason the girls
Men back home behind closed doors, his girlfriend or his wife on what attitude does not matter and are acceptable, that is, in public and under a large crowd, love their woman is best able to show the gentle and virtuous, Cautious, well-informed and gentle and humble, which makes a man has a happy vanity satisfaction, especially in the lead to a large number of envy and envy of the case, her husband’s pride will definitely translate into a more loving woman , He will be grateful to you for his face, in turn, will respect you.
Six spoiled whine feminine girls
Will spoil the woman to her husband happy, but also make their own feel very happy. Because most of the women will be spoiled a very thoughtful man when his lover or husband tired of the day back home, if you hear the voice of warm spoiled, will make a man’s tired moment will come to naught, to small family man even tired will feel sweet. However, like a man with his love of a woman spoiled, spoiled that this woman loves her so that men love to see their women, of course, very happy.
In particular, do not think that all men under the sun are like big beauty, do not think that all men will want to marry a big beautiful home, in fact, in the wisdom of men’s concept, a man can do with a beautiful woman Friends, but it is best not to marry a beautiful woman to do his wife. This is not a man unscrupulous, but countless facts have proved that the vast majority of beautiful women are less likely to have a beautiful character and temperament, the more beautiful woman more like a durian temper, only the kind of durian taste of the man, will Beautiful as crazy as crazy.
A woman can not be beautiful, but must have to mean, a woman can be stingy, but the heart must be good, a woman can be straightforward personality, but must know the tenderness of tenderness, such a woman will be in the eyes of men million bells, Of the conversation is not seen as shallow, in the exchanges can make a man of the spirit of pleasure, to be able to remember the man never forget the smart woman, such a woman will definitely be a man dream of love.
This shows that men can feel happy with the appearance of a beautiful woman without the relationship between the semi-dime, looks a flat woman can also let a man flies every day happy and feel very happy and special happiness.


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