Is pornography addictive?

Pamela Anderson, a former Playboy magazine model, and actor, recently warned that pornography has a “corrosive effect.”
However, in a foreign survey, about 46% of US adult men and 16% of US adult women watched pornography within a week.

The main point of view of anti-pornography is that pornography is addictive and hijacking the normal reward path of the human brain. Just as heroin addicts need higher and higher doses to reach their former excitement, pornographic viewers can no longer satisfy true sexuality and can only continue to seek more and more explicit works. Of course, there are other concerns about pornography, such as a miscalculation of sexual violence, sexual exploitation, and consent to sexuality. However, anti-pornography increasing attention is still the problem of male addiction.

So is sex addiction real? Several studies cited by Wilson suggest that there is a significant difference in brain activity between those who watch a lot of pornography and others, and those that appear in separate areas are also areas where drug addicts are different from ordinary people.

However, it was also suggested that people might be susceptible to pornography has a different brain. Perhaps their strong sexual desire, which in turn may be caused by biological differences.

In a recent co-authored study by biologist Gary Wilson, author of “Brain Abuse and Pornography,” the current rate of sexual impotence in young men is already higher than at any time – and some studies have compared this ratio To 33%, while the number of free pornographic content on the Internet before, this figure is only 5%.
What is the feeling of addiction to pornography?
What is the feeling of addiction to pornography? To answer that question, we interview Alexander Rhodes, the founder of the NoFap website. NoFap is designed to help users stay away from pornography; the usual way is to get rid of sex and masturbation within three months, this time called “rebooting period” (rebooting).
At the age of 21, Lodz on their habits have unhappy: he watched pornography four times a day, in sexual life can only be through the fancy of fantasy to maintain an erection. “Those days were the trough of my life, and I wondered why I was enslaved by these things.

Many people who have been addicted to “treatment” have reported a significant improvement in their condition, they slept better; the skin becomes more delicate, people are more confident, although some of them may be only a placebo effect.
NoFap claims that its social site has more than 1 million visits per month, but Lodz declined to give specific figures. “You do not know how many men told me they want to thank me.What I did not expect is that many women have claimed to suffer a lot of pornography hazards.

Rhodes says he has no opinion about masturbation, as long as he does not use pornography. “We want to educate the public so that they know how to use the genitals properly.”
Why will men be keen to see AV?
“AV” seems to be a common male secret, although the men feel that AV is normal, most women are difficult to understand. Especially those who obviously have a girlfriend still love to see AV men, it is easy to lead his girlfriend from the puzzled and dissatisfied.

Japan model Press website magazine inventory of “men see A film of five major reasons.”

1. Males alone can not be excited by paranoia
“Even if their own a big hole in the brain where the obscenity, often just a little fever only. To promote ejaculation, then, or need A film to stimulate ah” “Compared to women dreaming of love, the imagination of men is In too poor, so I can only rely on A piece of visual stimulation to achieve the excited state.

By the way, women can only be achieved through the delusion of the excited state, but for the imagination of poor men, can only resort to a powerful A film to save yourself.

2. Has become a habit, hard to score

“Like a woman used to go out before the make-up must be the same, nothing special reason is that A film became a habit, Simply because it became a habit only. Women are aware of this thing is very strong habits, once developed is difficult to change. Like going out must be make-up, must go to bed before going to bed, the morning must be a cup of water, some men never tired of watching A film, only because it became difficult to get rid of it.
3. The Yangtze River after the wave of waves, the new A film after another
“A film market is too strong, and always keep a new, very attractive, just like Chase the same can not stop, ah, so one could not help but look down on the” “A film also like a continuous TV series as new, See so many new films listed, really makes it difficult to let go ah.


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