How To Make Yourself Look er And Thinner

First, significantly higher
Show high skill with the following:
1, shoes and trousers are the same color, same color dress shoes, in short, is not to let the leg segmentation of colors and styles, the leg in visual effect as far as possible coordination so as long as possible; – > statistical inference, yourself what color the more, is not the color of shoes.
2, improve the use of the belt or above the waist line, said the natural embodiment of waist, waist (than the actual producing pseudo waist), or put into a coat inside (coat not too wide a Panasonic elastic band not too texture profile) – > statistics about their clothes, is natural high waist or natural waist, if not, according to their existing colors of clothes, buy a belt (for example, are blue blue clothes can be bought, are black and white with bright to buy a bag or shoes with bright color, no bright bright red shoes to buy a bag, very dull to buy a metal belt the general decoration, buy a gold and Silver Black Belt fine purplish blue can meet the daily demand.).
3 improve the spot location, bold use of scarves, headdress, headband, hairpins, necklaces, etc.), head scarf, avoid to use or to eye-catching under and shoes. According to the color of the clothes – > purchase scarves necklaces and other accessories.
Show thin:
In front of a lot of things about a lot of it, the most important is to cover their own fat part, revealing their own the most thin part! Don’t cover it all! Do not use small Suihua or other small pattern. In fact, there is no need to choose the color black and dark, tailoring the most important! There is a certain emphasis yaoxian!
The answer is too long, every update to open for a long time, has been very tired sleep does not love, the framework of this is just to give you a foundation, how to know yourself, how to choose clothes, but the specific steps, in fact every step apart, have much to say. But even here looking for more pictures, you see more of the theory here, the most important point of their collocation level, must be their own to ride, a recognized taste good friends can give some good advice when shopping, but everyone is different aesthetic, I I think, even if others tell me which look very pretty, but if I feel that the clothes “not me”, I have to wear the clothes very well yourself. Millions of theories, including color and body theory, tell you that you are fit, and you can’t avoid the fact that you don’t fit in. So, rather than to ask how far away, as a theme in collocation, use the theory of their collocation?
Finally, a master of my knowledge is from the start of the end of the world, then the peanut Republic, crystal in the water, as well as the occasional update of the Japanese street in the post, slowly put his system to build up. The main problem is actually difficult, although there is a lot about the clothing collocation theory, but if in accordance with these theories, you first into the confusion is what belongs to which type – I am not saying that the classification theory does not help, they can actually play a big role in the direction. Any theory is recommended, but not for yourself, this is completely existing. Each person’s collocation, are subject to its economic, aesthetic, occasions, and so on, therefore, the most suitable for their own, must be made for their own tailor-made.



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