Hairstyle Is Also Very Important For A Person’s Figure

Just recently saw the queen of Prada, although it is a few years ago, but still have a reference value for girls dress collocation. The production team is the fashion drama sex and the city team, have a deep understanding of fashion.
The film tells the story with reporters dream girl graduates Andy (Anne Hathaway plays) accidentally found a top fashion magazine editor Miranda assistant work, by virtue of their wisdom and efforts, there are some necessary opportunities, from a fashion insulator, a little bit in the magazine did well. But in the end because of dissatisfaction with the calculating circle and the choice of their original dream reporter. Here is a breakdown of leading lady in the film during metamorphosis.
See the biggest difference? In addition to changes in clothing, as well as the most important point to find it?
Hair ah! Is there any…
What was the first lion that started?!
So, ah, first of all have a suitable for their own hair, very important!
Some girls do not go to the barber shop all year long, long hair on their own cut, not to mention what kind of hair. That went to the barber shop did not cut how much hair, it is a waste of money. But the fact is not so, often go to the barber shop girls and perennial their own hair cut the gap is not just a little girl. Find a suitable for their own hair, you are far away from the female Diao silk a little, so, brave to try.
Secondly, do not wear very loose, bloated clothes.
After all, a simple, one dimension is also capable of fashion. Don’t put yourself up all day like a Saudi woman, where the dew dew dew, definitely a lot of extra points, but also for male compatriots made welfare?
Finally, if we can use some of the decorations, such as necklaces, earrings, watches, bags, gloves, hats, sunglasses… So, congratulations on..! You are the goddess.
Have time to go to see the film, watching the story at the same time, pay more attention to the inside of the dress collocation. Usually see the movie is also, after all, there is a certain standard fashion, in order to put into the public feel the United States, the pursuit of fashion and nothing, in this regard sometimes personality will fail.
Here, let me think of a movie in a plot:
At the test assembly, when Andy’s colleagues come up with the two belt Miranda: to choose which one to go with the dress? Andy smiled, and she thought the two belts were all the same. It’s a very amateur performance.
Although the two color belt, but the belt head which is not the same, even the same dress collocation may have different effects, although in the eyes of ordinary people, do not see what the difference, but in the eyes of the designer is different.
So Miranda was a little annoyed, and felt that her ignorance had defiled the professional atmosphere here. Then she said it was very naked humiliation of Andy’s ignorance of fashion, she said:
“For example, when you pick out the blue sweater (the one on the front of the picture), you think you’re the one that’s carefully chosen for you. But first you have to understand that the dress is not blue or green or blue, but it is sky blue, and you never know the truth;
But in fact you don’t know, from 2002 Oscar de la Rent Conference for the first time appeared in blue dress, and then I remember, Eve San Langlo also shows a blue uniform series, very fast, blue sky appeared in 8 designers followed the conference, then, it is popular all over the world the last senior stores, a large area of the popular to the streets, and then you will see in the cheap store and bought it.
In fact, this day blue, resulting in millions of dollars of profit and countless jobs, as well as hard to calculate the hard work to pay…… Do you think this dress suits you is your own choice, that is your choice in the fashion industry, but the fact is not the case, your dress is actually the one in this room, choose for you, from this stuff. ”
It was a classic, Miranda profoundly say how popular from its cutting-edge high fashion one step towards each ordinary people on the process, this is also the fashion world dominate everyone’s life.



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