Are you in love or mating?

Many people think that love is the mating of high-level argument.

However, these two behaviors are very different. Indeed, many people mistakenly believe that love in the flap pop, but also some people like to talk about love only rolling sheets. Because mating can ease tension, love can lead to tension, people will be weighed in between the two, you want to come to what you want.

Of course, love is included in the mating this ring. But “mating,” even if it feels good mating, can not be “love love,” just like drinking beer can not take the same wine as a wine glass slowly drink the same. People sometimes want to drink good wine, but under certain circumstances will want to try beer.
Are you in love or mating? Do you get what you want? If not, how do you get?

If a person knows the difference between mating and love, then the first question will be easy to answer. Philosophers believe that love is a desire to desire and other people’s bodies have a desire to connect and pleasure, sexual behavior is to meet this desire to produce.

The researchers believe that sexual behavior is not necessarily to make the relationship between the two people a further goal and the child is not the main purpose of the same sex. So you and a person in the absence of feelings, do not want to develop feelings of sleep, is not to say that is wrong. Because according to the researcher’s point of view, sexual behavior is an instinct, do not have to meet the physical contact desire outside the purpose.
I think we can use the researcher’s point of view as an effective definition of sexual behavior. However, this simple consideration to meet the physical and sexual desire to generate contact and movement is a very mechanical behavior.

Friction, touching, caressing, kissing, all kinds of indescribable, of course, are to meet the desire of intimacy, but not all sexual behavior includes the above behavior. Here, is not “mechanized” is very important. People seek self-satisfaction, to satisfy their most pure selfish desire. People and people who do not have feelings after rolling sheets, like a full meal, do not want to have food and communication. While the another side is like a dry moisture lemon, become not so cute.

This intimacy may be a precursor to sexual behavior, but this kind of sex does not necessarily can be called love. Because in many cases these intimacy is with egoism. It is still out of their desire for physical contact, get the other side with the resulting behavior. So even if both sides are with the sex, may not be able to be called “love.”
So in addition to mutual intimacy, love also contains some love?

And for sexual and sexual behavior, love between the two individuals, “you and me” to eliminate. This is not to say that the “you” into “us,” two people are still two independent personalities, but there will be common sense, an uncontrolled link.

Psychologists say: “Love is the connection between the companions.” It is. Aristotle explains: “One soul lives in two bodies.” One’s past, present, future, his wishes, dreams, and expectations are connected with the other person. He will give up some of their things to meet another person.
Love to let the two dance, but also allow two people to roll to bed. If one party is only the pursuit of the flesh, while the other is looking forward to emotional connection, then the feelings which were wasted. This constitutes a party to the other side of the deception, the relationship between the two is not sincere, the lack of mutual respect.


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