Travel to Thailand to what extent you are pit? User real experience

Some time ago a friend reported to the group travel to Thailand, came back with Xiao Bian said to be snatched when the pressure Zhai wife, probably the situation is, listening to a strange man’s encouragement to take a yacht to leave the team after sight to an island, . Gang of people said the head to take a thousand pieces of cash before the release, a friend let the tour took a friend to cash back to peace. True thing. .
Xiaobian for everyone to collect the following Thai friends to the real experience, take a look at it ~

@ Warp 1015

Pattaya’s Sands Island must be careful. There are people wearing life jackets to send you life-saving vest, and said not to wear the sea can not swim. You have to do to wear a motor boat, this is the package. One 500–2000 yuan range. If you do not give them, they will not hit you, find a lot of locals to your people surrounded the whole group, no one can go. The end of June has just experienced a private island without police control.

@ Yuan Lai I called to force Fen.

The first time I went to Thailand when the driver is also encountered pit, we said good to go to the airport and good price Don Muang on the car after I have repeatedly confirmed to Langman, the results sent us to another airport, return To the airport when the Tangmang Airport would also like to charge more than the cost of another airport, I am anger to how so bad it, then argue with him, a friend thought to give him more, I was finally thrown a few money to him gone. There was a pit near the Grand Palace once, it was 2013. Anyway, I now go to Thailand are cheaper than with the uber much more, especially from the airport to the urban half of the cheaper, Chiang Mai can not use uber.

@ Firefly light

Grand Palace at the entrance of the taxi is the giant pit, a table to start playing said do not know the road, then a good price and then talk about the road. But for the afternoon to catch a plane is not a taxi

@ Feng Rong

In Siem Reap airport, due to various reasons, need to temporarily buy baggage at the counter amount. Staff do not allow credit card, said only cash. Then the exchange rate is less than 6.6, because the cash is not enough, so that the exchange to the airport for US dollars, the result, the exchange rate of life and life was closed 8.3 +

@ Wood o (? ^ `) O

Something too hard to eat feeling pit


@ Breeze ^ _ ^

I want to say. I went to Thailand four times. Personally feel that the Bangkok taxi more or less all will detour. I drove the car twice found a detour navigation we thought five people forget. From the Erawan to the airport 250 baht enough. Some people say in front of 1000 baht. Really was a good punk finally gave back 2000 baht. Out of anti-human heart can not ah.

@ La La

In Vietnam by their own people pit, our hands are big dollars to drive the locals can not be opened, along the way met two Chinese people, very warm with you to set the hotel, etc., I heard that we want to change money is very active to Give me that they change too much in Myanmar, I did not want to give her $ 2000 against the dollar bills, the results come back and our formal institutions against the same, online search to know the original is the expired US dollars, can not Use, but fortunately we live in a hotel thought of a way to find that the two men in exchange for our own to avoid the loss of US dollars


Honestly, the impression is not good for Thailand, went to the duty-free shops, because the few things to buy, others buy something to ignore us here!

@ HX Yao little lazy

Phuket to the beach near the street to sell scarves boutiques, because the first came to Thailand do not know the specific price, bought three scarves 7000b, even told the boss a half-day price. Then go to the Jiangxi cold layer is all selling souvenirs, exactly the same scarf as long as 200b

Read the experience of these users, do not know if you have been pit over it?


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