The Benefits Of Eating More Eggs

The egg has been “whole foods” reputation, a lot of people full of fear of the fear of the egg, egg yolk cholesterol, lose love, here to explain.
It is generally believed that the more cholesterol to eat, the blood cholesterol levels have increased. But they are not. The latest research results show that although the egg yolk cholesterol rich, but also rich in lecithin, the human consumption of egg, the body can make lecithin cholesterol particles become small, and maintain a state of suspension, to a certain extent, prevent cholesterol and fat deposition in the vascular wall. So “every day an egg, egg yolk can not be lost”.
One day an egg, not only can improve memory, but also to protect eyesight, to help lose weight…… Too many benefits!
6 big benefits of an egg every day
1, add high quality protein
Protein is the material basis of all life, compared with porridge and bread and other food, egg protein in the amino acid composition, the essential amino acid composition and human body are similar, outstanding biological value is all in food.
In addition, the absorption and utilization of protein in eggs is also higher than the porridge and bread and other foods.
2, increase the sense of fullness
Egg can not only provide sufficient protein for the body, but also can delay the gastric emptying rate, extend the postprandial fullness.
Research shows that eating breakfast with eggs, can make people feel full abdomen increased, at the same time, the protein and fat in eggs can provide a stable energy, make the stomach full time longer.
3, help to lose weight
Egg rich in tyrosine, it plays an important role in improving alertness, allowing people to respond more quickly.
Therefore, for the car driver, eating eggs for breakfast is more conducive to safe driving.
6, the protection of visual acuity
Egg yolk in the two antioxidants – lutein and lutein, can protect the eyes from UV damage. They also help reduce the risk of cataracts. Eat an egg on the morning, with the eye excessive computer group is also good.
Eat a few eggs every day is good?
Breakfast with eggs can bring a lot of more comprehensive nutrition, significantly increase the sense of fullness, reduce short-term food intake, and ultimately help to reduce weight.
Therefore, for the sake of your health, please give your breakfast plus an egg, if you are greedy, two or three egg will not have what problem.
Of course, if you own the function of liver and kidney problems, then gobble down before, should first consult a physician on egg contains rich protein, too much protein will increase the burden of liver and kidney.
Eggs to eat the most nutritious it?
Different eating methods have focused on the effectiveness of
Take a look at what you most need to eat
1, cook porridge put egg – the blood sugar rise slowly
Egg is not only the best source of high quality protein, but also its rich protein can play a role in stabilizing blood sugar. The rice porridge, egg porridge glycemic index will decline.
It is recommended that patients with diabetes usually do porridge at home, can put the egg or steamed rubbing, a light oil cake, and then together to make the “egg porridge, porridge, glycemic index will drop relatively porridge.
2, salad and eggs – nutrition absorption
Researchers at the Purdue University have done such a study, one is without egg salad, the other two with different amounts of Boiled Egg respectively, allowing the experimenter to eat, then the carotenoid absorption effect to do comparative research.


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