A practical guide to role-playing It’s also possible to play with the original flap!

Rolling sheet this thing, in fact, you can play a lot of tricks, you tried to play in the flap when the role of it?
Nurse doctors, police inmates, teachers and students what are Out, your brain hole is not big enough, do not be fixed in the patch mode to brainwashing, take a look at the big move we give!
NO.1 sex swap
Small fresh type: exchange title, boys shouting girls “good husband,” girls called boys “good wife” and the like.
Difficulty: 1 star
Cost: wood there (so small to what the cost of fresh, cost may be called after each other’s laughter!)
Micro-mouth type: flap, each other to imitate each other’s way (that love each other love to say, make him look like when the bed)
Difficulty: 2 stars
Cost: Low (You may have to play a little bit, but it does not matter.)
Heavy taste level: the woman can buy male sexual organs imitate toys to wear in the hip, boys like girls to enjoy a love of pleasure.
Difficulty: 4 stars
Cost: slightly higher (to have money to buy toys, but also boys willing to sacrifice their chrysanthemum.)
NO.2 a play person, a play animal
One can retain the person’s role, while the other plays an animal. A common pet is a good choice, such as a small cat, dog, rabbit, or chicken.
Of course, if you want to create a more sense of the atmosphere, you can also buy the relevant role-playing products, such as cat’s ears, tail, claws, dog collar, rabbit lingerie, Eggs “small toys, and so on.
Also, the sound and action should be vividly we go. You can cuddle the cat like a cat in the house, or crawl gracefully in a room or walk around the room with a collar like a dog, or in a cage.
You can also play both animals, you can play the same kind, you can also play completely different. Animals encounter the heat of the animal and may be wilder.
Degree of difficulty: 2 to 5 stars
Cost: from low to high (if you want to play to the highest level, then you need to have props, but also need to have acting, but also need to have physical, really is not easy!
NO.3 a play person, a play furniture or electrical appliances
The simplest is to play a bed or sofa, let him lie on your body, into the arms.
Or in the bathroom to play an enchanting toilet, a sudden attack on the toilet wanted to ta. I would like to solve the urgent; please sit in me.
You can also play a washing machine, he can lie on your washing machine on masturbation, at the same time, you can issue a buzzing sound when washing clothes.
Difficulty: 3 stars
Cost: Low (Actually, playing a sofa or a washing machine is no easier than playing an animal)
NO.4 movie hero
Remember when I was a child watching movies and television series, the total can not help but pull on a small partner interpretation of the movie in the classic scene? Now you grow up, why not pull on a partner, with a review of childhood?
If I was Jack you are Rose, if I was you are Lagerstroemia, if I was Yingmuhuadao you Akagi Haruko, if I was Xiaolan you are Conan, Ah, how strange style? But fun Oh, do not try it?
Degree of difficulty: 3 to 5 stars
Cost: in (if you really have a very love role, such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Iron Horse God horse, that engage in a set of equipment is also possible, after all, wearing a complete will be more into the flu.
Tips: flapping small theater is about to start, and nothing embarrassed, this is your private moment of two of them, life is so boring, not snapping out the pattern to?
NO.5 bar approached
End the day’s work, go to bars and friends about it. The two sides can meet before the agreed action, each carefully dressed some. In the blur of light and shadow in the bar, the music drunk in a little drunk, you need to pretend to be a stranger, try to strike up a few words with others, and then just to see each other.
To see familiar and unfamiliar ta will not once again palpitating, could not help but want to swoop thrown him? Then the mouth rose, with a charming smile, to take it to a Sanda! Pretended to be the same as a stranger to say: “handsome / beauty, about it?
Difficulty: 4 stars
Cost: high (bar admission fees to be out, drink money to pay it, if it was another guy Posh sister fancy, will not help it?
What you need to know is that all the role play is in the premise of informed consent, it must be the game of two of you, not a person’s one-man show. So, and the other half to discuss each other like to play with it, pops up when an interesting role to set, a simple game will let you quickly heat up and burning love fire, come on!


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